Mural for Venice Zip Line!

I was honored to participate in an awesome project in my home, Venice.  A zip line was built on the Venice Beach Boardwalk between the skate park and the basketball courts by FlightLinez.  Eight local artists were chosen to decorate the two bases of the zip line with gigantic murals and banners.  Thanks to a recommendation by the Couto Bros , I was one of the artists chosen!  It felt amazing to be able to give back to a magical place that has become my second home.

Eagle Mural

The hawk represents strength, courage, and stamina…not to mention it’s a fantastic beauty to see soaring through the air.  The concept of the mural was to uplift and inspire; kind of like taking off on a zip line through the air.

Eagle Mural Text

Measuring 8 feet by 16 feet, the mural was one of the largest pieces of artwork I had ever done alone.  I created the piece using acrylic paint, spray paint, and charcoal.  The mountains belong to California’s gorgeous Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite Mural

The text comes from an assortment of my journal writings with a theme of travel, discovery, and adventure.  The idea is to get out of the head and just BE.  Mind lets go.  Lets me fly. 

Venice Mural People

Join these cool cats on the Venice Beach Boardwalk and check out the mural yourself!  And make sure to show your love for the artist:

Instagram: lacarron