Vicente Guerrero: Empowering Through Art

Last year Stan, a journalist, Courtney, an artist, and I made our way down to the tiny town of Vicente Guerrero of Baja California, Mexico to add color and excitement to the courtyard of Oasis after school program.  Our friend and fellow Pepperdine graduate Karly Dallas has been devoting her life to this community for the past three years.  As Courtney and I painted a 3,500 square foot mural of a desert oasis full of elephants and lions, Stan documented the program through film, furthering their outreach and building attention.
We are returning in January for a ten-day stay!  This year our team will be revisiting Oasis and the precious children there, but also expanding our outreach to New Beginnings Women’s Association.  This Vicente Guerrero rehabilitation center welcomes in women with abusive or troublesome pasts to a safe haven where they are provided food, clothing, and place to call home.  They are taught literacy, life skills, receive training for jobs, and are helped in furthering their education so they can become productive and valued members of society.  We are excited to further their work and support them with film and art.  We plan to build relationships with the women and children, fostering an excitement about art and creativity, and share their stories through film, word and portraiture.  We hope that their stories can then serve as inspiration for countless women and children around the world.
During our stay, we will strive to empower the women at New Beginnings by depicting their images in uplifting mural work and portraiture.  Courtney and I will create portraits of them that they will then keep as their own in addition to portraying their images on beautiful murals throughout the center.  The goal: to capture their true essence, their weaknesses and their strengths, and to bring their images together in harmony to lift them up together.  Each woman will also be profiled in a short video by Stan, telling her story.  Another video will be made, featuring the center itself, used to fundraise for the center and reach out to other communities.  The videos will be shot with an eye for beauty, and the stories will be told honestly, hopefully in a way that informs and inspires.  We want every woman at the center to know that their story matters and that someone is listening!
In order to be able to afford a trip to this magnitude, I am asking for your help.  The needs are: painting supplies, travel and food expenses, and monetary support for our creative careers.  Please take a moment to view our exciting videos and take a peak at our Indiegogo campaign to see how you can help.  Any level of support is appreciated, even just a letter of encouragement!  Please remember to share our story with your friends, family, and coworkers.
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Your constant encouragement of my creative goals is so important to me, and I hope that my new endeavors inspire you to continue your generous support.