California Wolf Center Show to Help the Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery

Please join the California Wolf Center on April 12th for an inspirational journey exploring the delicate balance between nature and humans through the eyes of the wolf. In a dramatic series of pen and ink depictions, artist Lindsay Carron captures the essence of this apex predator as a highly sophisticated social animal and vital force within its ecosystem.

This special program will highlight the unique works of Lindsay Carron; original pieces created especially for the California Wolf Center. Funds raised go directly to help the Mexican gray wolf recovery efforts. The event will also include:

A presentation from the artist on her work and inspiration

A tour of our conservation center with a viewing of our ambassador wolf packs, including a pack of the critically endangered Mexican gray wolf

Live music including acoustic guitar and vocals by Elsie May

Live auction of four very special original drawings by Lindsay and collaborating artists HengOne and Ngene Mwaura

Mock-tail bar and hor d’oeuvres

Time:                 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Admission:       $35.00 per person

R.S.V.P:           Call (760) 765-0030

Space is limited, so reserve your spot early!

About the Artist

Lindsay Carron is an art activist who utilizes ballpoint pen to render invigorating life-size depictions of the life forms of our earth. Her work traverses the animal and human worlds, bringing the issues of both to the forefront, and allowing visibility into the connection that exists between everything on this planet and in the universe. Her goal is to communicate through images and community projects in a way that inspires action, provokes consciousness and responsibility, and empowers both the subjects and the viewers of her work.

About the Series – It Takes a Village

Ever since the beginning of existence, humans have structured themselves as families, neighborhoods, communities, and societies. These social groups are not unique to humans. We observe them in flocks of birds, herds of elephants, bands of gorillas, packs of wolves. Wolves are amongst the most socially conscious animals on our planet, but have been misunderstood by humans for centuries. We are at an important time in history where we can take part in the interesting tale of this apex predator getting the chance to thrive once more. Their essential place in the ecosystem is now clear, and the wolf has become a bridge between humans and our understanding of the natural world. The wolf teaches us a vital lesson: Remove the foundation and all the parts cease to exist. Remove the parts and the foundation crumbles. It takes a village to thrive.

California Wolf Center, Julian, California

The California Wolf Center is dedicated to the recovery of wolves in the wildlands they once roamed. We envision a landscape where wolves thrive in healthy ecosystems and wolves and people successfully coexist.

Spirit Caller Wolf