In Relation’s First Short Film

Osoit Primary School: Namelok, Kenya

View the first short video release from the In Relation Kenya Journey:

Kenya Kids

Simplicity.  All that is needed.  Nothing more.

People are received not by their outer appearance, but simply because they are human.

Namelok: “Sweet Land” in Maasai.  Rightly so.  We are truly welcome here.  “Visitors are blessings,” he said.  The village greets us and takes us into its loving arms.

As we paint Osoit Primary School in the middle of this small, rural Maasai village, children surround us, elders come out to honor our work, and word travels quickly about the “muzungu” painters.

There is no other feeling like being surrounded by thirty Maasai children all gazing at you with wide brown curiosity.  The innocence and excitement that perpetuates through each of them as they gently touch my arms, face, and clothes makes me perfectly still.  So at peace in this moment, the happiness they share reflected back to them through my wide open heart.

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Lindsay Carron
Courtney Branch
Ngene Mwaura
Art Lemus