A New Adventure: Painting Tours in Alaska


A new adventure is on the horizon! I am excited to announce that I will be leading “plein-air” painting tours in the wilderness outside of Juneau, Alaska for adventure tour company, Adventure Flow, for five months this summer (May – September). Adventure Flow was founded by Eric Oravsky and Patrick Courtnage with a goal to not only provoke awe and exhilaration through intense outdoor experiences, but to call to the beauty of all that surrounds us, provoking us to live and be in harmony with our environment and function at our highest capacity.

The North has been calling to me for some time now. The rugged terrain, intense seasons, aurora borealis, the wolves, whales, and grizzlies, the ancient glaciers and pristine waters, and the true untainted wild all capture my imagination and inspire me deep within.


The combination of adventure, nature, animals, human interaction, and art is what fuels my life every day. Assuming the position as a guide for Adventure Flow is a beautiful transition into a role that I am already quite familiar with, simply in a totally new territory. I am thrilled to push my boundaries into the Last Frontier and experience the immense awe that the land will bring, and to inspire the consciousness around beauty in everyone who joins the tours.


Please join me in this adventure by following updates, art musings, and photography that I post in these upcoming months. If you feel extra inspired, come visit us in Juneau. Check out Adventure Flow’s website here: http://www.adventureflow.us

To know more about my contribution to Adventure Flow, take a look at the video interview they did with me.

Juneau is calling… I am ready to bring a bit of my fire, and a wide open bowl of receptivity towards the knowledge that is held in the land and the people of Alaska.