Murals at The Whale Museum of San Juan Island

I took a little detour from life in Juneau, Alaska to hop on over to San Juan Island and paint a storm drain mural for The Whale Museum.  Executive Director Jenny Atkinson was super inspired by the storm drains that I had painted for the City of Malibu last year that she requested a Giant Pacific Octopus to be painted in front of the museum.

Octopus Paint

With the support of a good Juneau friend, boat captain, mechanic and whale enthusiast Joshua Peters, I landed on the beautiful and eco-rich island of San Juan to be greeted by hundreds of orca lovers at Superpod4.  I plunged right into the island’s passionate culture that revolves around this beautiful black and white marine mammal, the orca.

Whale Museum Mural

Full Octopus Drain

Full Storm Drain

Painting the storm drain was a great way to talk to people about environmental stewardship and our impact on the oceans.  It was also my introduction to the art community of San Juan.  The community of Friday Harbor just passed a mural ordinance on July 16th after a moratorium.  The very next day, the board received my mural proposal for the side of The Whale Museum.  With the ecstatic support of Jenny and the eco-minded community, this mural may be the first of its kind after the moratorium that kept this art community quiet.

Read more of the story in the San Juan Journal.

This is the image from the proposal pending:

The Whale Museum Mural

We have already seen the impact that the storm drain mural has had on community members and visitors.  We are eager to create more!  If you are inspired by the project, please drop me a note at: to tell me why you think this mural should become a reality for San Juan Island.