Cacophony of Coexistence: New Artwork Opening in Juneau October 2nd

Rebalance - Alaska Series

The Juneau Arts & Humanities Council Gallery Presents:



October 2 – November 2

“First Friday” Opening Reception with the Artist | Friday, October 2, 4:30-7pm

Juneau Arts & Humanities Council Gallery is proud to present Cacophony of Coexistence, a solo exhibition by contemporary artist Lindsay Carron. As a dedicated art activist, Lindsay Carron utilizes her images to call for awareness of what is going on in our world and momentum for a bright future. Her research and contribution has to do with many of the systems that humans have created to better care for this planet. At the core of such systems, she finds a consistency that calls for coexistence and viewing the human as a member of an ecosystem instead of an outlier: one that has massive impact on its surroundings. Through her artwork and activism, Lindsay calls us to action realizing that the way we consume, move, build, create, give, and take has a ripple effect that expands over the earth.

In Cacophony of Coexistence, the artist pulls from imagery of Native Tlingit storytelling, esoteric symbology, and uses iconic-like portraiture of humans and animals to take us deep into the wilds of existence, utilizing the North, specifically Juneau, Alaska, as a point of reference. She makes the intangible, tangible through engaging all five senses. Her modeled soundscapes offer to the ears ways in which the song of humanity mingles with the music of nature. Lindsay’s detailed ink drawings over vintage Alaskan topographic maps situate the eyes in a particular location and expand the vision out over millions of miles of vast wilderness. Finally, her banquet-like installation encourages the participant to touch, taste, and experience deeply the abundance and reciprocity principle further reflected in the large-scale drawing, Possession. In Lindsay’s exhibition, participants are invited to utilize all five senses in order to understand, feel deeply, and perceive their place in the cacophony of coexistence.

Lindsay grew up in Wisconsin where the appreciation of nature and adventure became deeply engrained. Her move cross-country to her present home in Los Angeles opened many doors, beginning with her education at Pepperdine University and continuing through her numerous global journeys, most recently to Juneau, Alaska. She has collaborated with communities on public art projects from New York to Kenya and has participated in gallery shows throughout the United States. Her mission is to utilize visual mediums to engage the connection between all beings in a way that inspires action, provokes consciousness and responsibility, and empowers both subject and viewer of the work.

The “First Friday” opening reception will be held on October 2, 4:30 – 7pm.

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