100 Ways to Wild: A 3 Month Look at the Wild Within


It is time to come back to the earth. To align my pulse with that of the insects, the birds, the wolves, and the whales. To sing the truths of the wild world into the way I create. It is time to open the doors, release the fear, and embody the natural rhythms that have been guiding forces for the creatures of the planet for eternity. It is time for no separation.

“I find strength and comfort in this physical intimacy with the land, a sense of knowing my place in the world. On this wild shore, my internal landscape is a near-perfect reflection of the external world.” – Robin Wall Kimmerer, Gathering Moss

As we come back to the Earth, we also expand ourselves to the possibilities beyond, and dive deeper into the infinite realms within. Experience in nature has gifted me with self-trust and reliance, fluidity amongst changes, and an encompassing understanding of myself through the greater macrocosm of our world.

Embarking on three months of adventure in Alaska, I wish to share the wild wisdom and sentiments with you. My goal is to create a strong bridge between life in the city and life in the wild, nurturing aspects of community, creation, natural rhythm and instinct. Thus is born 100 Ways to Wild, a network of sharing through which I will post inspiration each day from this summer in Alaska.

What does wild mean to you? I encourage you to join in on the journey, to contribute your stories on embodying your wild nature as I share mine. Let’s inspire one another to be whole, bold, and strongly contributing to the environments that we call home.

May these 100 seeds of wild wisdom be a bridge between you and me, wherever we may be in the world, and unite us in the knowing that we belong here, members of Earth.

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Stay Wild!  

– Lindsay