Faces of Legacy

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Faces of Legacy

Portraits that honor indigenous women taking a stand for the earth today.

I am excited to announce the beginnings of Faces of Legacy!  Steeped in my heart’s desire to utilize my artwork for positive social change, this multi-year endeavor is birthed from my history of traveling into indigenous communities in Alaska and meeting many inspiring women acting with bravery to ensure a better future for generations to come.

Faces of Legacy is an art movement that highlights the perspectives, actions and knowledge of indigenous women taking a stand for the earth. Employing a three-part formula – interviews and portrait drawing, exhibitions and storytelling, and community service – artist Lindsay Carron spreads the dreams of these women, compelling an international dialogue on what our world could be.

Faces of Legacy begins with a series of portraits featuring 13 indigenous women leaders along the Pacific Coast of the United States and Canada – California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska, and the Canadian Province of British Columbia. Through this ethnographic artistic study, I interview the women, spend time in their communities, and explore life from another’s perspective. Each unique interaction guides me in creating life-size portraits that translate the knowledge held by each woman along with their unique contribution to the global environment. Through exhibitions, presentations, and online platforms, I will bring this series of portraits to significant urban centers, connecting these female indigenous leaders to a global audience with a united goal: to discover, together, more sustainable ways of living and caring for our environments.

Faces of Legacy marks this critical moment in history as women around the world rise for their communities, countries, and earth. The artwork addresses women’s empowerment, indigenous rights, and solutions to climate change and environmental degradation with the powerful combination of narrative and portraiture.  With every portrait and story shared, audiences are familiarized with the faces of contemporary indigenous women leaders, and the art becomes a judgment-free platform from which to dive head first into some of the biggest questions of our time.

Ultimately, Faces of Legacy is about the visions of these women and how they are to influence generations to come. Beginning on the Pacific Coast and extending globally, it is a celebration of the gifts that indigenous women offer our world.

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Council Series

In Anchorage this summer, I will be hosting the inaugural Council Series – the first of the presentations and public engagements with the women behind Faces of Legacy.  Taking place at Alaska Native Heritage Center on July 13th, this Council Series is a panel that features five Anchorage-based Native artists including Polly Andrews, my first portrait subject, and addresses the topic “Culture as a Cause”.  I am so excited to learn more from these amazing artists!  This panel will serve the Anchorage community and be video recorded to be an educational and inspiring resource for people from all places.

The panel serves the community of Anchorage by providing insight from successful Native artists about the state of the arts in surrounding communities and how the arts play a critical role in cultural stability and the health of the environment.

Friday, July 13th, 2018

Alaska Native Heritage Center, Anchorage, Alaska

6-7pm – Meet and Greet with the Artists

7-8:30pm – Artists Panel at the Gathering Place

Featured Panelists: Polly Andrews, Aassanaaq Kairaiuak, Phillip Charette, Vera Starbard Bedard, and Stephanie Towarak

In order to host the Council Series and launch Faces of Legacy, I need your help! Your financial support in all amounts will directly attribute to the artists panel in Anchorage and the further growth and sustainability of the portrait series this coming year.  Please send donations to:
PayPal (lindsay.carron@gmail.com)
Venmo @Lindsay-Carron
I can’t wait to share more progress with you as Faces of Legacy develops!  And stay tuned for its official launch in 2019!
– Lindsay