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A group of artists and filmmakers who use our knowledge of creative mediums to promote positive change. Driven by our passion and love for culture, people, and the earth, we desire to be catalysts for knowledge and empowerment and foster an excitement for life. We immerse ourselves in communities to understand, learn, collaborate, and create at our highest capacity.

Collaborators: Lindsay Carron (co-founder and artist)

Courtney Belle Branch (co-founder and artist)

Guest Artists and Documentarians: Ngene Mwaura, Art Lemus, Stan Parker

Kenya Kids

“In Relation” is made up of three parts: portrait creation, permanent murals and community building. We, the artists, strive to serve communities in active roles, first acknowledging what is needed, and then assisting community members with projects created through an artistic lens. These projects span from yoga and art therapy to collaborative community murals.

The portraits and murals act as legacies to be shared: the power of these personal images can be felt not only by the subjects of the artwork, but also by those who receive the artwork. Through the images and stories of each collaboration, we explore the way we relate to one another and to the life forms on our planet. We use creativity as a judgment-free platform off which to dive head first into the biggest questions of life, self-growth, and purpose.


Our constant goal is to enrich environments with art beyond the typical aesthetic purposes. We believe that by fostering expression and connection through creativity, we can lift each other above our differences and into the common ground of existence. Through every wall we paint and individual we touch with our art and stories, we aim to heal each other and leave the world more beautiful than it was before.