Lindsay Carron

Artist and Educator    ·    ·    414-530-2559

Born: 1989, Racine, Wisconsin

Lives and Works in Los Angeles and Alaska


2011            B.F.A. Magna Cum Laude, Pepperdine University, Malibu, California

Solo Exhibitions                                                                                                               


Connection Point, The Canvas – Juneau, Alaska


Cacophony of Coexistence, Juneau Arts and Humanities Council – Juneau, Alaska


It Takes a Village, California Wolf Center – Julian, California

 Selected Group Exhibitions                                                                                                     


Wilderness: Alaska, Brandstater Gallery at La Sierra University – Riverside, California

Art in the Arctic, VENUE – Fairbanks, Alaska

Water, Fullerton College Art Gallery, Fullerton College – Fullerton, California


Pepperdine Alumni Art Showcase, Payson Library at Pepperdine University – Malibu, California

Mama Earth, The Convent – San Francisco, California

Altar to the Kingdoms, Mystic Journey Crystal & Fine Art Gallery – Venice, California


Women of the New Contemporary, Artists Republic Gallery – Anaheim, California

Bad As* Women, Muramid Mural Museum – Oceanside, California

Drawing Down the Moon, Gallery 800, The Art Directors Guild at the Historic Lankershim Arts Center – North Hollywood, California


Politics of the Plate, Avenue 50 Studio – Highland Park, California

Bad As* Women, a Celebration of Women Artists on International Women’s Day, Muramid Mural Museum – Oceanside, California  


Spring Art Auction, Bid27, Think Tank Gallery – Los Angeles, California


Branded Arts, Benefit Art Show, Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica, California

Dreams, Create:Fixate Graffiti/Fine Art Collaboration, Lot 613 – Los Angeles, California

Peace, Love & Understanding, The  Peace Project via The Whole 9, Traveling Exhibition

Constellations, Create:Fixate, Lot 613 – Los Angeles, California

I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours, Suede Studios – Los Angeles, California


The American Inquisition, Rothick Art Haus – Anaheim, California

Salon Masse with En Masse, Gallerie Pangee – Montreal, Quebec

Mind the Art, Fountain Art Fair, 69th Regiment Armory – New York, New York

 Curated Projects                                                                                                            


Why We Won’t Just Leave: What Alaska is Telling the World About Climate Change – SPARC, Los Angeles, California


Art and Water for All, Ma-Kah Water for All Benefit Art Show – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Museum Exhibitions                                                                                                                    


KALEIDOSCOPIC, Senior Thesis Show, Weisman Museum – Malibu, California



Winning Artist: “ARTivism Sea of Change Campaign – Volcom, Pangeaseed, and Seawalls


Grant Recipient – Individual Artist Grant, Juneau Arts and Humanities Council, Juneau, Alaska



Artist in Residence, US Fish and Wildlife Service – Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge and Selawik National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska


Artist in Residence, US Fish and Wildlife Service – Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge and Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska


Artist in Residence, US Fish and Wildlife Service – Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska


Voices of the Wilderness, US Fish and Wildlife Service – Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska

Published Books                                                                                                                                               


Raven Stories: Raven Brings us Fire, Origins of Rivers and Streams, Raven and the Box of Daylight, Written by Pauline Duncan, Illustrated by Lindsay Carron, Baby Raven Reads Early Childhood School Readiness Program for Native Families in Southeast Alaska, Sealaska Heritage Institute – Juneau, Alaska

Illustration in Films                                                                                                                   


Medicine of the Wolf, Directed by Julia Huffman

Civic Projects                                                                                                                            


Shishmaref School Atrium Mural, Bering Straight School District, Shishmaref, AK

Ballona Creek Bike Path Storm Drain Mural Project, Culver City Public Works Department, Culver City, CA

Through the Eyes of Artists Neighborhood Poster Series, Commissioned Artist – Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Salish Sea Orcas Mural, The Whale Museum – Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

Storm Drain Mural Project, The Whale Museum – Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

“Keep It Clean Malibu” Storm Drain Mural Project — City of Malibu, Malibu, CA


US Fish and Wildlife Service, Alaska

The Alutiiq Museum, Kodiak, Alaska

Sealaska Heritage Institute, Juneau, Alaska

United Healthcare, Milwaukee Branch



Bioneers, 2018 “Pathways Forward” National Conference – San Rafael, California


Bioneers, 2017 “Uprising” National Conference – San Rafael, California

Professional Experience and Outreach                                                                             


Presenter- Alaska’s Land, Its People and Global Evolution – An Artist’s Perspective with Napiryuk Polly Andrews, Geography of Hope Series, Alaska Wilderness League


Mentor – EverWild LA is a nonprofit organization that engages and mentors children and families in the Los Angeles area to develop a meaningful connection to the earth. As a mentor, I work with children ages 4.5 to 12 utilizing forest school practices rooted in place-based learning.


Organizer and Moderator, Culture as a Cause – Native Artists Panel – Alaska Native Heritage Center, Anchorage, Alaska

Founder and Artist, Faces of Legacy – Art Movement, Worldwide


Guest Youth and Adult Arts Instructor, The Canvas – Juneau, Alaska

Artist and Organizer, Mural and Portrait Outreach, Mujeres Nuevo Comienzo, Vicente Guerrero, Baja California


Guest Youth Arts Instructor, The Canvas – Juneau, Alaska


Art Guide, Adventure FlowJuneau, Alaska

Organizer and Art Activist, In Relation Kenya Project, Kenya


Co-Founder and Artist, In Relation, Social Art Enterprise, Worldwide

Artist and Organizer, Mural and Portrait Outreach, New Beginnings Rehabilitation Center, Vicente Guerrero, Baja California


Assistant to Lydia Emily, Los Angeles Mural and Fine Artist


Artist and Organizer, Oasis Mural Project, Vicente Guerrero, Baja California

Co-Founder and Artist, Board Well, Social Art Enterprise, Venice, California

 Publications and Press                                                                                                           


How I got beyond the concrete and learned to love my watershed“, Sammy Roth, The Boiling Point – Los Angeles Times, April 8, 2021


Portraits of Alaska,” Bill O’Brien for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Wildlife Refuge System, May 20, 2020

Four Murals Added to Ballona Creek Bike Path,” Los Angeles Wave Newspapers, March 20, 2020


Meet Lindsay Carron, Voyage LA Interview, January 29, 2019

TV Interview with Art Activist Lindsay Carron – We Are From the Earth“, Asher Rodriguez for WeHoTV News, 16:21 – 18:15, February 2019


Artist’s Gift for Silence Gives Voice to Alaska Refuges“, Amy Miller for U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Alaska, October 16, 2018

Inspiration from the Yukon Flats Refuge: An Interview with Artist in Residence Lindsay Carron“, Video Interview for Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, July 27, 2018

An Adventure on the Yukon River with Artist-in-Residence Lindsay Carron“, Madelyn Smith for U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge, 2018

“‘Art Activist’ Spends Week in Togiak to Promote Conservation“, KDLG Public Radio for Alaska’s Bristol Bay, August 7, 2018

“Interview with Lindsay Carron, Environmental Activist and Artist”Kindred Spirits Blog,  , April 24, 2018


“Children’s Books With a Native Worldview” The Juneau Empire, December, 2016

 “Artist in Residence Highlights 2016” , Voices of the Wilderness Artist Residency, Alaska, 2016 

Lindsay Carron Talks About Her Recent Art: Wild in the City – New Ways to Wild“, Nue Magazine Chicago Edition, June, 2016

Sweet Nightmares Presents Artist of the Month Lindsay Carron“, Polaris Castillo of Sweet Nightmares Films, May, 2016

A Visit to the Whale Museum“, Visit San Juans, Shannon Borg, 2016

Whale Museum Mural is Coming Along“, San Juan Island Update, June 3, 2016


Storm Drain Mural Highlights Art and Environmental Issues“, Journal of the San Juan Islands, July 30, 2015

Mural Ordinance Passed by Town of Friday Harbor“, Journal of the San Juan Islands, July 28, 2015


Poetic Vision and Art Activism with Lindsay Carron“, Into the Blue by 90265 Magazine, Issue 10, p. 86-87,

Funeral Parade“, Issue 5, p. 110-117, May, 2014

Artist Beautifies Malibu Storm Drains“, Malibu Surfside News, April 21, 2014

Art That Keeps it Clean in Malibu“, Zev Yaroslavsky Los Angeles County Supervisor, April 17, 2014

Artist Begins Painting Storm Drains for Keep it Clean, Malibu Campaign“, Malibu Surfside News, April 2, 2014

Local Artist Paints Malibu Storm Drain“, The Malibu Times, March 29, 2014


Challenging Mural Through the Eyes of Lydia Emily’s Assistant“, CARTWHEEL Art Blog, September 2013

LA City Council: I Love Murals, But…“, CARTWHEEL Art Blog, August 2013


Red Door Magazine, Issue 13, June 2013, Visual Arts Section #13

Vicente Guerrero, On Purpose, L.A. Centric, Travel Story, July/August 2012, p. 70-71

The Time is Now: Become Like Little Children, Oasis Blogspot, Karly Dallas, May 2012

Catapult Art Magazine, Issue 8, April 2012, p. 90-91

Young Feminists: Women of Basel 2011, Young Feminist Taskforce, National Organization for Women, Yuki Tanaka, March 2012


Surfing Culture Inspires Alumnae Art Activists, Pepperdine University Graphic Online Daily, Caneel Anthony, November 2011

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