September, 2014

Locations of Work: Kikuyu Town, Namelok Maasai Village, Evelyn College of Design in Nairobi, Kibera

Thank you to our Partner Organizations:

Creative Visions Foundation ( )

Evelyn College of Design ( )

Build.Create.Kenya ( )

Go Down Arts and Kuona Trust ( )

Take a visual stroll through the work we completed while in Kenya for one month…

Kenya Portrait 1

Kenya Portrait 2

Kenya Portrait 3

The three artists collaborated on live portrait sessions.  The documentarian recorded interviews and surroundings.  We absorbed, learned, integrated.

Maasai Mural

The team of artists completed four murals in three different parts of the country: Osoit Primary School in Maasai village Namelok, Evelyn College of Design in Nairobi, a children’s shelter and school in Kibera, and a historic blown out building in Kibera

Maasai Portrait

Maasai Portrait 2

Maasai Portrait 3

Nairobi Mural

Portrait Drawing

The artists taught a two day workshop to the students at Evelyn College of Design combining dance, painted expression, and portraits.

School Portrait


Kibera Mural

Kibera Portrait

Kibera Portrait 2

Countless interviews were recorded learning from farmers, professionals, politicians, and artists across the country.

Kenya Fire

Kikuyu Portrait

In loving memory of Mwaura Mureithi


A group of artists and filmmakers who use our knowledge of creative mediums to promote positive change. Driven by our passion and love for culture, people, and the earth, we desire to be catalysts for knowledge and empowerment and foster an excitement for life. We immerse ourselves in communities to understand, learn, collaborate, and create at our highest capacity.

Collaborators: Lindsay Carron (co-founder and artist)

Courtney Belle Branch (co-founder and artist)

Guest Artists and Documentarians: Ngene Mwaura, Art Lemus, Stan Parker


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