The Whale Museum Mural

In 2015, I first arrived on San Juan Island, met the lovely people of The Whale Museum, painted a giant Pacific octopus on the storm drain, and greeted the enthusiastic, orca-loving visitors of Superpod.  One year later I arrived once again to Friday Harbor.  The time had come to paint the full mural we had plotted during that first visit.

Painting the storm drain was a great way to talk to people about environmental stewardship and our impact on the oceans.  It was also my introduction to the art community of San Juan.  The community of Friday Harbor just passed a mural ordinance on July 16th, 2015 after a moratorium.  The very next day, the board received my mural proposal for the side of The Whale Museum.  With the ecstatic support of Jenny and the eco-minded community, this mural may be the first of its kind after the moratorium that kept this art community quiet.

Read more of the story in the San Juan Journal.

The mural passed after a year long push, and I returned to paint the walls of The Whale Museum.  San Juan Island was one of the stops on a road trip that I was taking from Los Angeles all the way up to Juneau, Alaska.




The big blank wall of The Whale Museum awaited us, ready for a new look.  We were incredibly fortunate to receive a scissor lift donation, a massive neighborhood discount on paint, several donations to the project, and a lovely bed and breakfast stay at Friday Harbor Grand.  We had three days to paint.  Ready, set, go!



The design for the wall:



We received plenty of love and support, and silly moments, with executive director Jenny Atkinson.


So much gratitude to my painting helpers, especially Sarah Galvin, Mari Shibuya, and George.






The mural was dedicated to the resident orcas of San Juan Island.  May all the ocean ecosystems around our world thrive, and may we know our place as stewards  and tenders of this amazing planet.



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