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Art in the Arctic: Celebrating Alaska’s National Wildlife Refuges with Art

“The 4th annual Art in the Arctic show opens March 7th, 2019 in Fairbanks, Alaska.  This year’s focus is to portray the many recreational opportunities on the beautiful lands of Alaska’s wildlife refuges.  Art that reflects this, allows us to appreciate these lands from creative interpretation – their grandeur, diversity, and adventurousness.”

I am exhibiting along with artists Randall Compton, Nancy Hausle Johnson, Yumi Kawaguchi, Amy Mackinaw, Klara Maisch, David Personious, and Robin Wood.

As an artist in residence with US Fish and Wildlife Service, I have been extremely fortunate to spend time in Arctic and Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuges amongst others. For this exhibition, celebrating the many activities accessible to all of us within these wild public lands, I chose several candid moments captured throughout my three summers of travels to expound upon with drawings.  My artwork includes both viewpoints from visitors and Native Alaskans, showcasing the diversity of how these lands can be experienced and enjoyed by so many.


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“Camp Mountain” Ink and Gouache on Paper, 9 x 12″, Framed 2019 SOLD

It was a particularly unique feeling when the bush plane departed from our camp near Last Lake in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. A mix of eerie and exciting feelings filled me, knowing that we were alone now in this wild place – home for the next four days – separated from civilization.  Camp Mountain became our friendly façade and beacon that called us home after daily hiking adventures.

Camp Mountain

“A Girl and Her Sled Dog Pup” Ink and Gouache on Paper, 9 x 12″, Framed 2019 AVAILABLE

“Come! See my new puppy!  Her name is Beauty.”  And beautiful she was.  After a face painting session at camp, this young Inupiaq Eskimo girl brought me over to her yard in Kaktovik, a village on the coast of the Arctic Ocean above Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, to show me her loving pup.  Beauty licked her face as they leaned against a snowmobile, the other sled dogs barking for the same kind of attention from beyond.

Sled Dog

“Preparing the Bounty” Ink and Gouache on Paper, 11 x 14″, Framed 2019 AVAILABLE

Three women sit on a deck in Arctic Village during the Bi-Annual Gathering of the Gwich’in people plucking feathers and cleaning ducks as part of the celebratory feast. Duck hunting provides a staple in the diet of many Native Alaskans living in the Arctic, and with 1 to 2 million ducks breeding in Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge per year, it is a golden destination for hunters and bird watchers around the world.


“Yukon Gold” Ink and Gouache on Paper, 11 x 14″, Framed 2019 AVAILABLE

As I placed a bite of king salmon just harvested from the fish wheel in my mouth, I couldn’t help but cry tears of joy. Pure Yukon Gold.  This particular king salmon swam almost a thousand miles to reach us, beginning its journey in the Bering Sea at the mouth of the Yukon River.  Her destination was likely Canada, but tonight, at a Gwich’in fish camp on the Yukon River in Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge, she fed our grateful bellies, our hearts swollen with gratitude and deep respect for the species that feeds millions of people, animals, and entire ecosystems throughout the Arctic every year.


“An Artist’s Point of View” Ink and Gouache on Paper, 9 x 12″, Framed 2019 SOLD

A moment captured through the lens of an artist taking in the vast southern portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The sketchbook pages filled fast with renderings of mountains, tundra, willow, scraggly spruce, and winding rivers.

Artist POV

Exhibition Info

Art in the Arctic

March 7th – April 7th, 2019, Opening Celebration: March 7th 5-8pm

VENUE, 514 2nd Ave. Fairbanks, Alaska




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