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Cacophony of Coexistence: New Artwork Opening in Juneau October 2nd

Cacophony of Coexistence: New Artwork Opening in Juneau October 2nd

September 28, 2015

The Juneau Arts & Humanities Council Gallery Presents: LINDSAY CARRON CACOPHONY OF COEXISTENCE October 2 – November 2 “First Friday” Opening Reception with the Artist | Friday, October 2, 4:30-7pm Juneau Arts & Humanities Council Gallery is proud to present Cacophony of Coexistence, a solo exhibition by contemporary artist Lindsay Carron. As a dedicated art […]

Murals at The Whale Museum of San Juan Island

Murals at The Whale Museum of San Juan Island

July 30, 2015

I took a little detour from life in Juneau, Alaska to hop on over to San Juan Island and paint a storm drain mural for The Whale Museum.  Executive Director Jenny Atkinson was super inspired by the storm drains that I had painted for the City of Malibu last year that she requested a Giant […]

Inspiration from Alaska: An Interview

Inspiration from Alaska: An Interview

July 11, 2015

I told the Adventure Flow team a bit about what has been inspiring my art in Juneau, Alaska and the greater purpose of artists across the globe. To view more from Adventure Flow visit:

Artist to Artist: An Interview with MK MacNaughton

Artist to Artist: An Interview with MK MacNaughton

June 17, 2015

MK MacNaughton A restaurant, a street corner, a public art installation and some propane tanks.  These were the elements present in the (artful) directions I received upon organizing a visit to the studio of MK MacNaughton, a prolific Juneau artist that I was told I must meet. With success, I stepped into MK’s bright and […]

A New Adventure: Painting Tours in Alaska

A New Adventure: Painting Tours in Alaska

March 2, 2015

A new adventure is on the horizon! I am excited to announce that I will be leading “plein-air” painting tours in the wilderness outside of Juneau, Alaska for adventure tour company, Adventure Flow, for five months this summer (May – September). Adventure Flow was founded by Eric Oravsky and Patrick Courtnage with a goal to […]

We are the storytellers…

We are the storytellers…

January 20, 2015

“Stories set the inner life into motion, and this is particularly important where the inner life is frightened, wedged, or cornered.  Story greases the hoists and pulleys, it causes adrenaline to surge, shows us the the way out, down, or up, and for our trouble, cuts for us fine wide doors in previously blank walls, […]

Lindsay Carron


Lindsay grew up in Wisconsin where the appreciation of nature and adventure became deeply engrained. Her move cross-country to her present home in Los Angeles opened many doors, beginning with her education at Pepperdine University and continuing through her numerous global journeys. She has collaborated with communities on public art projects from New York to Kenya and has participated in gallery shows throughout the United States. Art is a way for her to digest the bountiful information presented in this world and translate it into a medium that is passionate and powerful.


Utilizing visual mediums to engage the connection between all beings in a way that inspires action, provokes consciousness and responsibility, and empowers both subject and viewer of the work.


Phone: 414-530-2559


Instagram: lacarron



We have arrived at a crossroads in evolutionary life on the planet. We can either carry on the way we have been for the past 100 years, or together we can leap into a new vision of coexistence.

As gatekeepers of these crossroads, artists utilize their mediums to transcribe visions and birth new realities. The responsibility of the artist as visionary has never been greater than today. This is a role Lindsay Carron is honored to take on as she travels to dynamically different areas of the planet to absorb the knowledge held in the elements, plants, animals, and people of these lands. These seeds of wisdom are then shared with a global audience through her pen and ink drawings, murals, installations, and experimental embodiment of art.

Lindsay’s meticulously rendered images and playful practices coax us out of the concrete cage of domestication and ignite a deep remembering of the wild within, so that we may be guided by instinct and intuition and live with courageous, untamed hearts.  Deeply engrained in her creations are tools for masterful living, so that when the times demand it, we can, without fear, take the necessary leap.  



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